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Hey you guys I'm Erinn. This blog features content on diversity, culture, and race relations. It's overall purpose is to inform and inspire an open dialogue about hot button topics and issues that are faced in this multicultural and multiracial world.


"Many Americans view colorblindness as helpful to people of color by asserting that race does not matter. But in America, most underrepresented minorities will explain that race does matter, as it affects opportunities, perceptions, income, and so much more. When race-related problems arise, colorblindness tends to individualize conflicts and shortcomings, rather than examining the larger picture with cultural differences, stereotypes, and values placed into context. Instead of resulting from an enlightened (albeit well-meaning) position, colorblindness comes from a lack of awareness of racial privilege conferred by Whiteness. White people can guiltlessly subscribe to colorblindness because they are usually unaware of how race affects people of color and American society as a whole."

"In a colorblind society, White people, who are unlikely to experience disadvantages due to race, can effectively ignore racism in American life, justify the current social order, and feel more comfortable with their relatively privileged standing in society (Fryberg, 2010). Most minorities, however, who regularly encounter difficulties due to race, experience colorblind ideologies quite differently. Colorblindness creates a society that denies their negative racial experiences, rejects their cultural heritage, and invalidates their unique perspectives.

Let’s break it down into simple terms: Color-Blind = “People of color — we don’t see you (at least not that bad ‘colored’ part).” As a person of color, I like who I am, and I don’t want any aspect of that to be unseen or invisible. The need for colorblindness implies there is something shameful about the way God made me and the culture I was born into that we shouldn’t talk about. Thus, colorblindness has helped make race into a taboo topic that polite people cannot openly discuss. And if you can’t talk about it, you can’t understand it, much less fix the racial problems that plague our society."
- Colorblind Ideology Is a Form of Racism, Monica T. Williams (via verkur)
"I know it’s racist to say I don’t see race, and I know you think it’s typical that I would say this because I’m white, but sometimes I really can’t tell the difference between a dark-black guy and a light-white guy–after all don’t we all bleed red?"
- Junior Sociology Major (via shitrichcollegekidssay)
"How can you say black kids aren’t morally corrupt, and then say they make up the majority of prison populations in America. Are you even thinking about the shit you say?"
- Sophomore Crime and Deviance Major (via shitrichcollegekidssay)
"We should destroy all culture–it’s unnecessary. People would be so much more united if they weren’t separated by different cultures."
- Freshman Sociology Major (via shitrichcollegekidssay)
"I hear “nothing’s more American than immigrating in
“Working hard is more important than the color of your skin”
But if that’s true, why are the faces that look like me
Always involved in takeout, kung fu, or exotic villainy?
I mean, we wear the same clothes and we do the same things
And we talk the same way - but it was never a real dream
For me to be Friends with Rachel, Joey, or Ross
And “Jason Chu” was not the answer to the question, “Who’s the Boss?”
Even on Cheers, where everybody was supposed to know my name
I never heard a Chu, Nguyen, Kim, Loke, or Chang
So I concluded that Asian faces are only right
If we’re talking about rice, or a high-tech device
I mean, I just saw the Dark Knight Rise
And I cheered every time that I saw an Asian face - twice
This is why we don’t win: the systems that we’re in
If we build separate communities, we’re viewed as aliens
But if we try to play along, we have no hope of blending in
They’ll never let John Wayne be played by John Kim
But The Airbender was Noah Ringer, and Goku was Justin Chatwin
And the whole cast of Akira was gonna be played by white men
But I have never seen a role with a European name
Be filled by an Asian with the excuse “we cast for talent, not for race”
So the La Jolla playhouse can say anything they want
In the end, I don’t see action, so I conclude it’s just a front
For the same attitude that I’ve always seen out there
Because “color-blind” is just a nicer way to say “we don’t care"
- A poem written, editted, and performed by Jason Chu in response to the La Jolla Playhouse casting only 2 Asian-Americans in a play set in ancient China - part of the trend known as “no Asian faces on TV”.

Because progress is made by opening our eyes - not being blind. (via bearded-pilipino)


"Don’t hold me accountable for what my ancestors did!" As long as I have to suffer the black lash of what your ancestors did, you do too.


(via saint-van-wonda-naps-deactivate)


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